TW30 Bluetooth V5.0 TWS Handsfree Earphone Mini Wireless In-Ear Headphones HiFi Noise Reduction With Metal Charging Box-Silver


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1.Boot Take out the charging compartment and start it automatically (Note: If the charging bin is in the standby state for a long time, it will cause the charging bin to be out of power, but the earphone can still be used normally. Just turn it on manually. If this happens, press and hold the button for 5 seconds to turn it on.)
2. Shut down After being placed in the charging compartment, the lid can be automatically shut down, or the headset button can be manually pressed for 5 seconds to shut down, and the red light of the shutdown flashes three times. (When the device is not connected, it will automatically shut down after 3 minutes)
3.Bluetooth pairing After booting, it automatically enters the pairing mode. After the pairing is successful, the blue light of the left ear flashes, and the mobile phone can be connected to the Bluetooth. After the mobile phone is successfully connected, the light is turned off. Find the corresponding Bluetooth pairing name "TW30" from the mobile phone Bluetooth list and click on the connection pairing. The voice prompt connection is successful in about 3 seconds. If the same mobile phone is used again, only the booting headset and the mobile phone will automatically complete the connection pairing operation. For the other mobile phone, the mobile phone searches for the pairing name “TW30” and clicks the connection.
4. Charging instructions When the charging compartment is charged, the charging compartment indicator light is on, and it is in the standby state after being fully charged. When the headset is charging, the red light of the headset is always on, and the blue light is always on after the battery is fully charged.
5. Call mode When the headset is turned on and connected to the mobile phone, double-click any button on the left and right headphones to wake up Siri, and the two headphones work at the same time. When the call comes, the electronic tone + broadcast number is prompted, click the left and right earphones to answer any button, click any button on the left and right headphones to hang up during the call, double click to reject the call. 6, button definition: Click: play/pause, answer/hang up Double click: wake up Siri Three hits: the left ear three hits the volume plus, the right ear three hits the volume minus Press and hold for 2 seconds: the left ear is long and the last ear is pressed.


Model: TW30 Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth solution: for Realtek V5.0, support for binaural calls, automatic booting, intelligent Siri
Speaker: high quality copper ring speaker
Chip: Stereo Chip
Play time: 4-5 hours
Standby time: 40 days
Talk time: 4 hours
Headphone battery capacity: 50mAh
Charging box battery capacity: 500mAh
Effective distance: 10 M

Package Includes
  • 2* Headphones 
    1* Charging box 
    1* USB charging cable 
    1* Manual 
    1* Box

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.