Touch Sensitive Magic Plasma Ball Novelty Night Light Atmosphere Lamp for Bedroom Office Bar Party Halloween Decoration – 4″ EU Plug Blue


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Filled with rare inert gas, the high-strength glass globe generates colorful streams across the whole surface due to black spherical electrode in the center and an oscillation circuit board at the bottom. As the voltage on the electrode is very high, the created light is a number of radial glow, gorgeous in the dark. Placing a finger tip on the glass creates an attractive spot for the energy to flow, because the conductive human body is more easily polarized than the dielectric material around the electrode providing an alternative discharge path having less resistance. Fascinating and fun. Great for kids of all ages. Whether you are a fun loving work professional or a parent who wants their kids to learn about static electricity without the need to google Tesla's high voltage plasma globe. This is a great year round gift idea.

  • Magical & Interactive: It is a very magic lamp ball, plug in the power, turn on the lamp, then the ball will burn out many long light around it. You can control the light gather or scatter by your fingers or hands place on the glass surface.
  • Educational Plasma Ball: It can generate colorful streams of electricity dance across the surface of whole globe like atmosphere, perfectly demonstrating physics science.
  • Disinfection Function: Negative ions and static electricity, effectively reduce the air pollution in the air. And in the lighting, will produce a large number of high speed movement of negative ions in the light effect of light, the use of aerodynamic principles, can be more evenly and effectively spread to the entire indoor space, the environment for disinfection and purification.
  • Purify the Air: Negative ions can be neutralized by the negative charge and floating in the air with a positive charge of smoke dust, so that after the loss of natural precipitation, and ultimately achieve the purpose of purifying the air. Great for health.
  • Eye-catching Decoration: The colorful streams created inside make it stunning and absolutely great for decoration. Put in your room, living room, office, or anywhere to create a super cool science like atmosphere. Can be easily placed anywhere.
  • Great for Health: It can activate the oxygen molecules in the air to make it easily absorbed, activate diverse body enzymes to promote metabolism and encourage better sleep
  • Perfect Gift: Fit for all age of children. Buy your kids or grandkids a gift they won't turn off until their next birthday! Our magic ball will make your little budding scientist the envy of all his or her friends.

Interactive Method Touch Sensitive
Material Glass PVC
Power Cord EU Plug
Size 4 inch
Ball Diameter 10cm
Width 12cm
Height 20cm
The Color of Light Blue

Package Includes
  • 1 x Plasma Ball
  • 1 x EU Plug

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.