4PCs Waterproof Solar Power Motion Sensors Flashing Colorful LED Car Tire Wheel Lights Gas Nozzle Cap Lights for Car Motorcycles Bicycles


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Solar car wheel tire air valve cap light a new automotive products, the products are small, light weight, ease of installation, product use solar charging, no need to replace the battery, electricity durable.The product is installed on the tire valve stem position, when driving at night light function automatically open, enabling the side of people, vehicles and early detection, to avoid or reduce traffic accidents, but also can beautify your car, car wheel decoration products belonging to the class of the Terminator.

  • Light and Motion Sensitive: The car tire wheel lights have light and motion sensitive control system. In the dark environment, the speed of more than 25km/hour self-flash, remind car or pedestrian of avoidance, reduce or avoid traffic accidents. Less than this speed, 2 seconds after the automatic closure. In the bad weather, it can even serve as a warning. The safety factor will be greatly improved.
  • Solar Power: These lights is solar charging, lithium battery power storage, no battery and wiring required,free wiring, maintenance-free, no need to replace the battery, efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Multi Modes of Light: Blue Green Red White Light Flashing / Breathing / Jumping / All Bright at the same time. Push the bottom to choose 1/15 modes as you like. It's dynamic and beautiful.
  • Covered by high quality silicone, corrosion resistant, anti-aging, high/low temperature resistant, extremely good waterproofness, avoid damage to car body caused by the high pressure water gun.
  • Easy to install, simple screw onto the car wheel air valve. The process can be completed within 15 seconds of a single person.
  • Car Tire Lights without any operation after installation, Micro Vibration Sensor System, Automatically Flashing While Driving at Night.When the vehicle is running, the lights turn with the wheels, gorgeous light appears.
  • Generally used for bicycles, motorcycles, cars, SUV and truck.
  • Special Note:
  • Light Dark (night) + Car Stop, LED lights do not flash.
  • Light Strong (day) + Car Driving, LED lights do not flash.
  • Light Dark (at night or tunnel) + Car Driving, LED lights flashing.
  • The light is weak, the speed is lower than 20KM/hour, the light is not bright.
  • The light is weak, and the speed is above 20KM/hour, the light starts to light.
  • When the light is turned on, it will turn off the light immediately after encountering strong light.

Material ABS
Power Supply Solar
Battery Lithium Battery
Lighting Color Red, Blue, Green, White
Application Automobiles,Motorcycles,Bicycles (Decoration Light)
Size 4.3cm(D) x 2.3cm(H)
Quantity 4 Piece

Package Includes
  • 4 x Tire Lights
  • 4 x Small Wrench
  • 4 x Screw

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.