3.5M HD 1080P 6-LED 5.5mm Lens IP67 Waterproof Wireless WIFI Endoscope with 360° Self-timer Rod for iOS and Android Smartphones Tablet


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Get to the bottom of the problem,even around the tightest turns and smallest cracks! Reach anywhere thanks to the Wi-Fi Endoscope Camera,which features a 3.5m long cable,and slim 5.5mm diameter camera. Instantly transmit crystal clear images from the 1920*1080 camera up to 5m away via Wi-Fi to your smartphone or computer to inspect the issue.


【Wide-Angle Lens and High-Def Imagery】: Spot the smallest details with the 1920*1080 HD endoscope,and 2 million HD pixels view anything from 3cm to 500cm for up-close or big-picture views.
【Dynamic Cable and Improved Camera】: Finally figure out what is causing the blockage in that vent! Snake past any curve with the 3. 5m long semi-rigid cable to get to the problem area. it has 360°Self-timer Rod. Durable materials withstand many uses and its trim 5. 5mm profile can enter super small spaces with ease.
【Strong Compatibility】: Support all mainstream mobile phones with WiFi for Android ,IOS and Smartphones Tablet. The LCD screen show the Electric quantity of WiFi devices in real time.
【Waterproof for More Uses】: Don′t let water stop you from saving the day or inspecting the sewer thanks to the IP67 waterproof design. No matter the circumstances,the image will still show up nice and clear!
【Long-Endurance Battery】: Never worry about your endoscope dying in the middle of the job. Equipped with an impressive 2600mAh capacity,the wireless endoscope runs continuously up to 4. 5 hrs after a full charge,making sure there′s never any downtime!
【Handy App for Easy Monitoring】: Keep on top of things with the real-time battery and Wi-Fi indicators so you know when to charge. Useful app allows you to view,shoot and rotate images as well as adjust the LED brightness wirelessly.


 Cable Length  3.5 meters
 Camera Diameter  5.5mm
 Lens Angle  70 degrees
 Focal Length  4-10cm
 Resolution  1920*1080,1280*720,640*480
 Frame Rate  25fps
 Photo Format  JPEG
 Video Format  AVI
 Light Source  6 pcs Adjustable LED Light
 Waterproof  IP67
 Support System  iOS,Android


Package Includes

1 x Charging Line

1 x User Manual

1 x Magnet

1 x Hook

1 x Side Mirror

1 x Self-timer Rod

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.