16″/40cm Softbox with Grey Balance Card for Canon Nikon Neewer Speedlight


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Folds up small size to be carried anywhere you go.By diffusing the flash, the softbox creates an even lighting that allows you to capture picture-perfect shots.
Grey card on back will provide a standard reference object for exposure determination in photography.In addition to providing a means for measuring exposure, a gray card provides a convenient reference for white balance, or color balance, allowing the camera to compensate for the illuminant color in a scene.
Compatible with all Canon 430EX II,580EX II,600EX-RT,Nikon SB600 SB800 SB900 380EX 430EX,,Neewer TT560,TT680,TT850,TT860,Yongnuo YN560,YN565,YN568 speedlight and other external flashes
Slim design makes it easy to hand-hold or use with a light stand.The softbox uses strip to connect speedlight.
Great for product photography,portraits,studio work,and event photography like wedding.Note: Camera and speedlight are NOT included.

Note: Camera and speedlight are NOT included!
A portable light modifier converts the harsh light from flash to a softer, diffused light, while reducing shadows and softening hot spots.
Measuring just under 16"/40cm in diameter, the mini softbox can easily fold down, making it easy to carry with you at all times.
The mini soft box is the perfect modifier to soften up the harsh light for product photography, portraits, studio work, and event photography like wedding.
This focus board softbox has two sides, one is 18% grey with target "+" mark, the other side is white.
All grey, target "+" mark and white surfaces of this focus board have their own function. Whatever you used in film or digital photography, the 18% grey side can control expose value, the white side can balance the color and the target "+" mark can provide accurate center photometric.
This focus board helps to revert the color truly and perfectly by measuring the exposure value, white/grey balance value and color temperature.
It is the ideal accessory of the portrait,flower and conversion shoots
Color:Grey & White

Package Content:

1 x 16"/40cm Round Focus Board Softbox


The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.