10pcs Mini Portable Cotton Compressed Towel Expandable Disposable Magic Towel for Travel Cmaping Bathroom Facial Cleansing Beauty Remover


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It is a must have cotton portable disposable compressed towels for smart travelling and all purpose, the best gift for your friends and family. It is about the size of a candy when dry, and expand to a full 7.9 x 8.7inch when wet with a tablespoon of water. Compact cleaning cloths to take in the car, on an airplane, on public transit, and more! Unscented wipes contain no harsh additives. Gentle for kids' face and hands, baby wipes, and pets.

  • Portable & Convenience: It is use compression technology to become the mini size (Diameter only 0.8/towel) with the individually packed (as candies), easy to carry. The simple, compact and lightweight design is easy to hold in your bag and pockets. Make your journey comfortable and wonderful.
  • Appropriate Size: Compressed Towel expanded size is 20*22cm (7.9*8.7in). Great magic trick to entertain and clean. Just add a little amount of water (Cold Water in the heat / summer or Warm Water in the cold / winter), unfold in seconds. It allows easy transport of handkerchief size towels in small candies size form.
  • High Quality: This towel is made of 100% pure cotton material. Breathable, antibacterial, stimulation-free and moisture absorption is enough for use on the face and hands cleaning. (Fit for sensitive skin).
  • Reusable: Compressed Towel can be reused several times. Simply rinse with water and wring out.
  • Wide Applications: Compressed Towels are great for use in bathroom, kitchen, office, trip, camping, hotel, hydrotherapy center and any place you can imagine.
  • Multifunction: Suitable for facial cleansing, beauty remover, etc. Can promote the old waste horny off through the elastic cotton and skin contact. Sensitive skin can also be used. After cleaning, can also be used for cleaning the surface of the kitchen, refrigerator, furniture and glass items.

Material Cotton Non-woven
Feature Compression, Portable
Expanded size 20 x 22 cm / 7.9 x 8.7inch
Quantity 10pcs
Color White
Weight 5g/pc

Package Includes
  • 10 x Compressed Towel

Extra Info

Please Note: This product is not soluble in water, please do not throw it into the toilet.


The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.