10pcs 30cm Stainless Steel Bird Spikes Anti Bird Pigeon Spike Pest Repeller – 10 Feet (3 Meter) Coverage


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Keep birds off your roof, fence, balcony or other landing area with Bird Spikes. It is a safe and humane way to prevent damage to your property. Birds will not attempt to land on the spikes, so they are an effective deterrent.

  • How It Works:
  • High quality Stainless Bird Spikes are 100% effective at preventing pest birds from landing, nesting, or roosting on selected surfaces. By installing the spikes on surfaces where pest birds like to perch an uninviting, irritating, & intimidating barrier is established, forcing them to relocate. Stainless steel spikes are humane and only require a single application for years of efficacy.
  • Where to Use:
  • Stainless Bird Spikes are effective wherever they are applied such as homes, garages, rooftops, windowsills, signs, billboards, ledges, playgrounds, beams, yards, gardens, gates, fences, barns, & more.
  • Pests Repelled: Stainless Bird Spikes works for multiple types of pest birds, such as pigeons, sparrows, starlings, crows, blackbirds, grackles, seagulls, swallows, bats and even climbing animals.
  • Flexible Base: The spike's flexible base can bend a full 360 degrees, suites for various surface types, such as installation on surfaces that are both flat and curved. This allows for easy application for areas such as homes, garages, rooftops, windowsills, signs, yards, gates, & more.
  • Durable & Won't Corrode or Decay: Unique design constructed of only 304 stainless steel guaranteed to be corrosion and weather resistant. Completely resistant to rust and decay, these spikes are sure to get the job done with minimal maintenance, they have the capability of lasting a lifetime. Guaranteed to last in the harshest of environments.
  • Easy to Apply and Use: Spikes are easy to apply with adhesive, nails, screws, tie-downs, and more. Care is virtually non-existent. Just keep debris such as leaves and other mess out of the spikes to keep them effective.
  • Versatile Usage: The spikes can be installed along any elevated areas such as roofs, chimneys, gazebos, even near disk TV antenna (no RF interference), towers, valves, landings, support structures, posts, gangways, curved surfaces or any area being contaminated with bird droppings.
  • How to use:
  • There are three ways to attach the spikes to a surface area.
  • Use an Adhesive: Apply the adhesive to the bottom of the flat surface. Press the spikes down firmly on the surface. Let dry. The ambient temperature should be above freezing to ensure the spikes adhere to the surface successfully.
  • Use Wire or Plastic Ties: This is the recommended method when attaching the spikes to a thin surface, such as a railing, pipe or cable.
  • Clamps or Velcro: If you only want to use the spikes temporarily, clamps or Velcro strips are easy to remove. Position the strips so that each section locks with the next.
  • Safety:
  • Wear protective gloves while handling and installing your bird spikes.
  • Keep away from children.

Material Stainless Steel + Plastic
Length 30cm / 11.81inch
Width 4cm / 1.57inch
Height 11cm / 4.33inch
Quantity 10 pcs
Coverage 3 Meter / 10 Feet

Package Includes
  • 10 x 30cm Bird Spikes

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.